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Critical Illness Category 1

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A Critical Illness Category 1 medical doctor consultation provides patients with an appointment via skype or facetime with a medical doctor authorized to prescribe via tele-medicine across Canada and one who understands what it takes to truly treat critical illness conditions.  The type of appointment is perfect for those who require very high  dosages (21-50 grams per day). Typically, this is best for patients with conditions that require large amounts of orally consumed products such as edibles,variable dosage concentrates and those using advanced consumption strategies such as juicing or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

The vast majority of patients who request a Critical Illness Category 1 appointment are looking to enter into Canada's ACMPR program for personal production. We can provide full support every step of the way to help with the set-up of your personal grow facility from prescription to construction to planting to growing  to harvest and curing techniques.  The first consultation for personal production set up is included in this package and we work with leaders in the industry coast to coast that can help you cut down the learning curve dramatically without breaking the bank!

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